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Do you yearn for some adventure in the great wild open? Do you long to throw off the pressures of modern life and find your inner naturalist or explorer?

We take groups on fieldcraft adventure trips around the Rannoch area, where you can explore, discover, forage and learn new skills, with your own personal Highland Exploration guide.

What sort of fieldcraft adventure activities do we offer?

Fishing | Highland ExplorationWe offer many different fieldcraft adventure activities, including:

- wilderness survival techniques
- fire-building and campfire cooking
- shelter-making and camping
- bird-watching
- photographing landscapes and wildlife (e.g. red deer)
- foraging
- mountaincraft
- map-reading and navigation
- fly-fishing and coarse fishing
- guided walks
- identifying flora and fauna

Fieldcraft & Activities | Highland ExplorationOur experienced guide, Duncan, has over 28 years of experience in fieldcraft and nature, having grown up on Jura and worked on Scottish country estates and on fishing boats. You’ll be instructed and introduced to as many aspects of fieldcraft as you like, all in stunning scenery. We’ll tailor your adventure to your interests and your abilities, so it’ll be the perfect experience all round.

Our fieldcraft adventures are great for kids, too. Children love camping, wildlife-spotting and even building fires (under careful supervision!), so you can be assured of an adventure that the whole family will enjoy.

Fishing | Highland ExplorationContact us today to start your adventures

If you and your friends or family would love to explore the beautiful Rannoch area, including the wild and photogenic Rannoch Moor and Loch Rannoch, just give us a call on 07795 245748 or email info@highlandexploration.com and we’ll be happy to make a fun-packed adventure just for you.

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